Parquet flooring

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The general guidelines for maintaining your parquet floor/hardwood floor are as follows:


  • Vacuum or sweep your floors regularly.  General cleaning once a week is recommended.
  • Use of a slightly dampened cloth or mop is recommended.
  • Never wet-mop a wood floor, excessive water can cause damage or staining.
  • Remove spills promptly with a slightly dampened cloth.
  • Place mats at exterior doors, avoiding rubber backing or non-ventilated rugs.
  • Use protective pads or cups on any furniture that comes into contact with your wood floor.
  • Try and avoid walking on your wood floor with stiletto or high-heeled shoes.
  • Maintain a consistent humidity level between heating seasons.
  • Never slide heavy furniture across the floor.
  • Re-coat the wood floor when cleaning no longer restores shine, use manufacturers recommended products.